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How much does a priest at the Vatican earn?

 I read a very interesting article in the newspaper Il Messaggero the other day, which explained how much the Vatican pays  the Catholic priests. I can not imagine somebody becoming a priest for any other reason than being "called". Once upon a time, a long time ago , there were many families that wished that at least one of the children would become a priest, since this would keep them away from poverty and famine. I do not think that anybody has this idea today, and the information gathered below confirms that it is not for the money that somebody becomes a priest.

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An Italian priest earns on average 1,000 euros net per month , according to "Il Messaggero" . That's about as much as a factory worker. Priests with more experience can get up to 1200 and a little more if he also teaches religion in schools.

The Cardinals are the ones who receive the most money from the Vatican State. 5,000 euros is what they get in their payrolls. A bishop earns "only" half as much, about 2,500 euros.

How much does the Pope earn? Pope Ratzinger had an income of 2,500 euros a month. Pope Benedict XVI also gets money from the books he has written, of course. What about Pope Francesco then? Jorge Mario Bergoglio certainly did not become a Pope for the money. Actually, he has no income at all! Of course, there is a fund in which Francesco can retrieve the money he needs, but it is known that he is against luxury. He has made many economic changes in the pay slip the Vatican staff receive . He has , among other things. abolished the bonus that the staff and the Cardinals could get and thus saved a lot of money.

We are aware of the fact that the Catholic Church helps a lot of poor people. The organization Caritas provides food and moral support to many Italians because the Italian state is very often completely invisible . And here is some good news! In Bergamo Bishop Francesco Beschi has come up with a nice initiative that Pope Francesco will surely like.

800 priests in the Bergamo area will donate their salaries to people in the region who have lost their jobs. Many companies have been forced to close as a consequence of the severe crisis in Italy and a large number of workers are now unemployed. 800 priests are now going to donate their salaries to help the unemployed. Every priest will donate the entire salary , i.e 1,000 euros. The bishop is going to donate all his income , about 2,600 euros. There will be a total amount of over 800,000 euros which will be placed in a fund to help the Province of Bergamo Province back on the feet again.

The Pope will certainly be happy!

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