Tuesday, 6 May 2014

With a little smile and a human touch life gets better!

Most of us deal with people every day. We pretend that people treat us as they want to be treated. Our children's teachers should care for every single child in the classroom with the same love. The doctor should love us as he loves himself. The lady at the post office should welcome us with a smile. O, yes! Wouldn't that be fantastic? What if all of us put a human touch in everything we do?

Photo: Chiara Petrocchi
I meet a lot of people every day. In the traffic here in Rome it often happens that another driver lets me pass first even if it isn't my turn. At the supermarket I am asked to go before in the line if I only have a bottle of milk in my hands. It often happens that it seems that the people around me know and understand my hurry. Or, maybe they are just understanding people. Perhaps they just want to put a human touch into their daily actions?

I often hear people say that you need a certain vocation to become a doctor, priest, teacher, nurse or psychologist. You need a vocation to deal with people. But don't we all deal with people on a daily basis? I believe that even the post office clerk needs a special quality, vocation to love other people.

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It hit me today when I made a phone call to a Swedish company. The receptionist, Markus, answered me so incredibly kindly and was so serviceminded that I felt I might be the only person he had talked to today! Incredible! A receptionist talks to a lot of people every day, but nevertheless Markus made me feel special. I actually got happier after having talked with him. Isn't that fantastic? I have no idea of who this person is, what he looks like or what his interest in life is, but he made my day brighter by treating me like a special person.

How do we answer the salespeople that call us at home in the evening to talk about the utilitiy bills or the telephone costs? Do we really respect their job and meet them with a smile? I think it is extremely important that we really behave just as we wish others to behave with us.

I do admit that I often choose the shop assistant that has the nicest smile at the supermarket, and that I tend to go to the bar where the barman is always kind to me and cheers me up if needed. What is so strange with that? I think we all like to be met with a smile. But I also think that we are the ones to give the best example. If we smile, people tend to smile back to us. People can hear your mood even on the phone. So....let's smile even on the phone :)

Thank you, Markus, for your smile and the inspiration to this short blogpost!

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