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Abortion in Italy - 70% of Italy's gynecologists are conscientious objectors

Of course, we have all asked ourselves  the question whether it is right or wrong to have an abortion, haven't we? 70% of Italy's gynecologists are against abortion and refuse to terminate a pregnancy. This counteracts the law 194, for free abortion, in some places, yet still give doctors the right to choose.


Since 1978, the Italian women have been able to go to the govermental hospitals to have an abortion. The law 194 for abortion was introduced on 22 May the same year. However, you can not always go to the nearest hospital to interrupt a pregnancy beause a lot of Italian gynecologists are against abortion and refuse to do this kind of surgery. On average, 70% of gynecologists in the country refuses to interrupt a pregnancy, but the number varies from city to city. At the hospital in Jesi (Ancona) is 100% of the gynecologists are conscientious objectors.

Italy is one of the countries with the most conscientious objetors when it comes to abortion. In Britain 10 % of the gynecologists refuses to abort, while an average of 80% of the doctors in Portugal considesr it unethical and object. In Italy, we know that the Catholic Church has a big influence, but is this the only reason why doctors refuse to terminate a pregnancy? According to the doctor Giovanna Scassellati at San Camillo Hospital in Rome, religion is not the only reason. She believes that one can be against abortion without being a Catholic, and it is very stressful to have to do with abortions. At the hospital where she works 91% of the gynecologists is conscientious objectors.

In Sweden, about 110,000 children are born each year and  between 35,000 and 38,000 abortions per year are carried out. In Italy the objectors have increased by 17.3% in recent years, according to the Metro newspaper (13 March 2014). The number of abortions has also declined in recent years in Italy.
Photo: Percent of abortions in Italy

Below we can see what percentage aborted pregnancies we have in different countries in Europe. Romania has the largest number of abortions while Holland has the lowest. Germany have fewer abortions than Italy so I do not think that it all depends on the Catholic Church. Why does Sweden have so many abortions? I believe there is a good sex education in Sweden and is also very open to talk about sexuality. Or perhaps it isn't so?

Percent aborted pregnancies in the different countries in 2010

I will not dig into the ethical question of abortion and discuss if it is is right or wrong, but I am confident we can all agree that the best would be to avoid an abortion? What do you think?


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