Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Religions and me

I don't want to write about Islam even though  I read pieces of the Koran when I was younger. I have always been interested in human beings and therefore religions. I am religious myself. I call myself Christian, but I don't want to be put in a box because of this. I adore Christ and would like to follow his example and path.


Islam is a religion similar to Christianity, just as Judaism. I am not going to talk about this now. I suppose you have done your homework and know about religions. What I wanted to tell you about, is my feeling and experience of religions.

A long time ago I lived in a Swedish town called Sundsvall. I was thirsty for knowledge regarding the world and wanted to know more about the thoughts flowing around. I talked to a lot of people. I invited Mormons to my flat to understand their view of life, I discussed with Atheist and Christians and I often went to the Protestant Church. To pray and feel.

When I came to Rome I prayed in the Catholic Church and came to understand their faith. Since Rome is an international city and I have been working many years now in an international environment, I have met a lot of different people from different religions. When Rahmadan takes place, there is nothing weird for me to talk with a friend who has not eaten at lunch time. We can talk about Mohammed, Christ, the weather or what to eat for dinner. When a friend is part of Jehova's witnesses does not celebrate birthdays, we can do something else together! We are friends!

Some people argue because they vote different political parties. Or maybe because they have different traditions. People get divorced because love ends. Some people kill for money, other for hunger of power, some....even for jealousy!

I am proud to tell you that I have friends of most religions! Muslims, Buddhists, Christians (Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox), Jews, Mormons and also Jehova's witnesses as well as atheists are welcome to my home.  Please forgive me if I forgot somebody! It is so interesting to talk to all of you!

The important thing is to COEXIST. We all have to understand that the world belongs to everyone! Nobody can decide for everybody else! What is dangerous is fanaticism! Hitler said he wanted to kill the Jews because they had killed Jesus even though it is written clearly in the Bible the we mustn't kill. Stalin too was fanatic and killed a lot of people, but went against religion. Bin Laden scared a lot of people. I remember people looking with suspicion at "dark-haired" people at airports.

Basta! Enough! We have to coexist. Be aware. I am not saying we have to love one another, I understand that is an utopia. But we should be able to coexist!

I remember a program by the Italian journalist Enzo Biagi, where he went to a school in Jerusalem. There were children from three religions there playing together. Outside adults were killing one another.

Why don't we learn from the children?

My thoughts today. Take care