Monday, 6 April 2015

Mourning young people...

Violence is always wrong. It doesn't matter who does it or against whom. Violence should not exist in any form. The school attack in Kenya shocked me. Why does anyone want to kill young people who have done no harm? The youngsters are our future and they are studying hard to improve this world!

Photo: Reuters Herman Kariuki

I know, all violence is wrong. However, it is even more shocking when it happens against who has no involvement in politics or organisations we think could be targeted. 150 young students were killed at a university in Kenya some days ago and we cannot understand the chock that the survivors will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Neither can we imagine the mourning that the relatives will have to live with.

Photo: Moment Agency VU.Utøya survivor was shot in the shoulder. He survived by playing dead on the ground
This occurance has nothing to do with what happenened in Utøya in 2011, but I believe that the memory the survivors will have to live with will be similar. In the Daily Mail ( we can read some of the stories of young people who survived Breiviks cruel deed.

In the US there were 13 school shootings recorded in the first six weeks of 2014 according to The Guardian ( In 2012 20 children were killed in an elementary school in Conneticut together with their carers.

In 2007 a Finnish young man killed 8 students in a school and injured 10 more before he killed himself (bbc). The killer did not have a criminal record and was from an ordinary family...

I could make the list longer but I don't want to. I would just like to have an answer to a question. Why does this keep happening?

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