Sunday, 6 September 2015

Believe in your dreams! - Graffiti painter Adam is only 22 and runs his own business

I love meeting people who let their dreams come true! Adam Algotsson is only 22 years but already has a very interesting story to tell and an exciting background. He is a graffiti artist and has his own company! I could not miss his latest art exhibition in Borås, Sweden.

Adam was born in 1993. He has always liked painting and while he attended high school he started with graffiti. In the beginning, he painted illegaly and he was caught by the police once when he was just 14 years old. After that, he began painting more and more on legal sites, while the paintings became increasingly sophisticated. His passion for the art grew and he also began to paint on canvas. He sketched, drew and painted every free moment he had.

Adam's wall at the Roskilde festival 2014

One day he received a commissioned work of a guy also named Adam. He was asked to write the guy's name on the wall of his bedroom, with silvery text and black outline. When the job was done the boys's father came to pay Adam. Guess Adam's surprise when he got to see who the boy's father was! It was the policeman who had arrested him! He had become fond of Adams art and wanted to show him that he could live on his gift instead of ending up in jail!

Adam is now happy that this happened. Since then he has performed more than 150 custom orders! He has provided his art to private companies as well as to the Municipality. He has also painted skating halls and private individual walls. A wall at the Roskilde Festival was also made by Adam's and he designs wallpaper to Mr Perswall and labels to Boras Brewery. He is also known for having painted a long gallery in his home town.

Adam hasn't studied art. He is completely self taught. He is meticulous and he paints never the same thing twice. My favorite painting is probably the one called the return of Vinyl. I said that it feels right for "my age". Adam says that people of all ages love graffiti. Today's oldest customer was around 70, he said, and the 40-year-olds like cartoon characters.

I asked Adam when he decided to open their own business. He says that he has his sister to thank for this. He received an order from a company three years ago and was then forced to open a business in order send the invoice. “I have never gone minus" he says proudly.

Finally, I ask Adam what message he has to give to young people worldwide. Adam smiles with his clear blue eyes and saying: Believe in your dreams! Do everything to achieve them! But be prepared to lose some friends. You do not have to hang out with friends every day. You have to work hard and be able to be alone. Previously buddies were important to me, but now my self confidence has grown and I also like staying on my own. 

Good luck, Adam!

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