Saturday, 8 October 2016

Yngve Bergqvist - a man who inspires me! The creator of the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

There are a lot of interesting and goal oriented people mentioned in most of the inspirational motivational speakers' presentations, but I have so far not heard any of them talking about Yngve Bergqvist! Who? Yngve Bergqvist! The man who invented the Ice Hotel in the land of Lapland - Sweden. Wow! That is a man who inspires me!



Don't you think people thought he was crazy when he got the idea of building a hotel made of ice that would melt every year? They probably did. Just as they thought Karl Benz was crazy when he built the Benz patented Motorwagen or Henry Ford when he wanted to put people in cars instead of on horses. People probably looked astonished at the Wright brothers when they told the world they wanted to build an airplane. I can imagine how people looked at Yngve and I am happy that he was stubborn enough to conclude his project.

Photos of the ice hotel 2016

Jukkasjärvi is a small little place near Kiruna in the very north of .Sweden, 200 km north of the Arctic Cirle. In summer there were some tourists coming there fishing and walking in the mountains, but in winter the tourists were very few until some years ago. Yngve was inspired by some Japanese ice artists that held an exhibition in Jukkasjärvi in 1989. In spring 1990 a French artist Jannot Derid came to hold an exhibition in an igloo and one night some visitors didn't find an accommodation in town and asked to sleep in the igloo in sleeping-bags on reindeer skin. They slept very well and the following winter the first ice hotel was built. 

Yngve had travelled around the world, studying some very cold places and understood how to to this. The entire hotel is made out of snow and ice blocks taken from the Torne river. Even the glasses in the bar are made of ice! Every spring the Ice hotel harvests tons of ice from the frozen river and stores it. The hotel has a hall, a reception, about 100 rooms, an ice church, a bar and a restaurant. Artists come from all over the world to be part of this project. There are now about 50.000 people that sleep at this hotel every winter and many go there just to visit it. 

                                            Video from National Geographic 2008

The hotel melts every year and the year after it is built up again with 30.000 tons of snow and 4.000 tons of ice. 

”Om man kan bygga ett hotell av is, i en liten by 200 km norr om polcirkeln, och få människor från hela världen att gapa av hänförelse - då är ingenting omöjligt.” – Yngve Bergqvist.

"If you can build a hotel made of ice, in a little village 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, and make people be with "open mouth" of astonishment - then nothing is impossible." - Yngve Bergqvist.